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Updated 30/07/2021

RIS AG (XOAP TM) uses cookies on this website. Some of them are essential, while others help us to improve this website and your experience. Below you have the opportunity to review and manage your cookie settings. For more information on our cookies please refer to our data protection.


Preference cookies allow us to remember your preferences and recognize you when you access one of our services again.


Advertising cookies and similar technologies are used on to display RIS AG advertisements to you as part of targeted advertising campaigns on other sites you visit and to measure your response to those advertisements.


Analytics cookies allow us to understand how visitors interact with our offerings to evaluate and improve our service (including through third-party analytics modules).


Authentication cookies allow RIS AG to remember you so that you do not have to sign in again the next time you use our service.


Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention cookies and similar technologies on our site provide us with information about the computers and web browsers used to access RIS AG services. This information helps us identify potentially harmful and unauthorized uses of our services.



Functionality cookies ensure that our sites and services work properly and, for example, show you the appropriate information for your location.



Security cookies allow us to protect user data from unauthorized access.


Third-party providers

We work with third-party providers such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn who also use marketing and analytics cookies. This list may not be complete, but we strive to keep it up to date based on information from these third parties. The following sources provide more information about the cookies used by Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn:

Facebook documentation
Google documentation
LinkedIn documentation

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